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Hemp-based CBD manufacturers’ products are so ubiquitous you can even find them at your local grocery store.

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Walking down the aisle of experimental diet foods you spot a bottle of something you didn’t think could be real.

Fat Water was born out of famed Silicon Valley magnate Dave Asprey’s “Bulletproof” brand of lifestyle products. 

But fats, like the oils CBD is often dispersed in, sit on top of water as if it were impenetrable steel.

So how do hemp manufacturers manage to defy physics with nano CBD? The nano in nano CBD is short for a very specialized process–nanoencapsulation.


Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? Sally Field won’t let Robin Williams see his kids, so he has to find a solution.

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If he can’t spend time with his kids as himself, he can spend time with them as their new nanny, the infamous Mrs. Doubtfire.

US-based hemp manufacturers do the same thing with CBD. In this scenario, CBD is Robin Williams, and water is the concerned mother protecting its little baby molecules.

Private label hemp manufacturers disguise CBD so it can fit into places it couldn’t before. 

Hemp-based CBD product manufacturers prefer this because their oil is now able to dissolve in water.


Surfactants are like those empty pill capsules in the bulk section of the natural foods store. 

They’re made out of benign chemicals CBD manufacturers can use to make the tiniest of capsules. Seriously, they’re only about 100 nanometers in diameter.

That’s 1 billionth of a meter. To put that in perspective, a micrometer is the next size up when it comes to tiny measurements.

Micrometers are three times greater in magnitude than nanometers. Hairspray, pollen, even viruses are all measured in micrometers.

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Imagine a full bottle’s worth of these little capsules. They could be added to anything and disperse faster than you can say nanoencapsulation.

The science behind nanoencapsulation isn’t new, but US-based CBD manufacturers applying it to their products is.

Surfactants are like little aircraft for molecules, allowing them to go where they’ve never been before.

Mix them into any water-based liquids with ease. Drinks, potions, and lotions, the possibilities are endless.

For private label CBD manufacturers, nano CBD offers a whole frontier of new products.

Spring Creek Labs Has the Highest Quality Nano CBD

What makes Spring Creek Labs the premier nano CBD manufacturer? Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with any more chemistry.

The reason is simple. Spring Creek Labs’ starts with the highest quality seeds and soil nutrients.

From farm to factory, no importing or outsourcing here. It’s why we’re able to offer such a low minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Perfect for the entrepreneur wanting to invest in CBD, but wants to feel out the market during these uncertain times.

That way you can keep what your customers love and phase out what they don’t. If you or your brand have been considering private label CBD products, now is the time.

It’s as simple as shooting us an email. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote. You could have your hands on your own line of CBD products by the end of the month!

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