Michigan Regulators Speak On Hemp-Derived CBD in Dairy Products

Michigan State agriculture regulators recently clarified their position on CBD products (hemp seeds and extracts) being included in dairy products. 

The statement came via an email from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Food and Dairy Division (MDARD)* to food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. 

The purpose of the statement was to reinforce the State of Michigan’s position on hemp-derived ingredients which contain CBD.

Hemp in Dairy Products

The statement said that products containing these ingredients are not all lawful. It also restated that some of these cannot be legally produced and sold in Michigan or across state lines. The statement came as a bucket of cold water for companies who have been producing and marketing hemp and CBD products over the past few years. 

The statement also said that Michigan Regulators would enforce the standards set by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regarding said products. 

Food products containing hemp seed-derived ingredients have been labeled as “generally recognized as safe,” (GRAS) by the FDA. However, the FDA has yet to approve CBD for use in food, drinks, supplements or animal feed. This was also included in the statement. 

The statement also reminded the recipients that Food production in Michigan is subject to Michigan Food Law and licensing requirements.

Some states have set their own laws allowing CBD as a legal ingredient in foods, beverages and animal feed products to be produced and solid within their state lines. These laws deviate the standards set by the FDA.

This statement reminded hemp-based food manufacturers, distributors, and vendors that Michigan has not yet taken such actions and is still aligned with standards set by the FDA. 

*The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Food and Dairy Division oversees these entities through routine samplings and inspections.

This CBD industry news update is brought to you by CBD Manufacturer, Spring Creek Labs. 

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