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Private Label and Custom CBD Products – Hemp Based and THC Free – Lower Priced Than 99% of Our Competitors

Contract Hemp Manufacturing

Hemp-Based CBD Products

Want your own signature Hemp-Based CBD product from a US Based CBD manufacturer? Want to start small testing your idea? You can! We put decades of hemp manufacturing, fulfillment behind your idea.

Private Label CBD Products

100% THC FREE Products

Imagine starting your own Hemp-Based CBD product line with years of proven Hemp manufacturing expertise behind you! Need to start small? No problem. You can start from a stock item for 250-500 bottles. Get your custom quote today!

Farm to Shelf Fulfillment

Per Our Farming Partners

Great hemp manufacturing starts with our Hemp Farming partners. It’s 100% US-grown hemp is cultivated in the nutrient-rich Colorado soil. Our products are tested to ensure THC levels are 0.00% or below .3%, and we use the purest crop possible!

What a Custom Hemp Manufacturer Does for Your Business

Best FDA Registered Hemp Manufacturing Company

What are you looking for in a hemp manufacturer? We think we have a pretty good idea. We’ve been a contract hemp manufacter since before Hemp-Based CBD products were cool. We’ve spent a long time building relationships with hemp farming partners, refining our laboratory methods, and serving great customers like you.

How can we make your Hemp-Based CBD business more profitable and efficient?

Imagine if you could focus ALL your energy and attention on marketing your business. Imagine testing new Hemp-Baesd CBD Product formulas without feeling like you’re paying for a used car. Make Spring Creek Labs your fully-vertical US-Based hemp manfacturer. We’ll make your life easier. 

If you love running your business, but hate dealing with fullfilment hassles, you’ll be glad you found Spring Creek Labs. You’re smart. You know the hemp-based product industry promises one of the most explosive business opportunities of your lifetime. You’re reading this because you want to get a piece of the action, right?

Why not partner with a hemp manufacturer who brings decades of expertise to your business? Spring Creek Labs is a US-based, vertically integrated GMP contract manufacturer for hemp-derived CBD products. We specialize in Private Label Hemp-Based CBD, and custom formulas. In other words, if you’ve been dreaming of your own signature line of private label Hemp-Based CBD products, we can deliver.

Your Farm-to-Shelf Hemp Manufacturer

When we say “farm-to-shelf hemp manufacturer,” we mean it. Great hemp manufacturing starts in the dirt. Our farming partners plant, nurture, and harvest US-grown, certified hemp crop. This hemp is home-grown right in the nutrient-rich soil of Utah USA. Our crops are vigorously tested to ensure THC levels below the required .3%.

Once we’ve extracted the plant ingredients, our world-class laboratories and manufacturing facilities, staffed by 150+ highly-skilled craftspeople, go to work creating custom, private label Hemp-Based CBD products for customers just like you. When your customers see and use your signature CBD products, they’ll think you have millions of dollars in manufacturing research and expertise working for you.

By making us your official hemp manufacturing partner, you get a product that’s as pure as you can get. More importantly, you get peace of mind. Every few weeks, we hear stories about a Hemp Manufacturer, Hemp-Based CBD retailer or wholesaler, hit with five and six-figure fines.

Even threats of jail sentences. Why risk your business working with someone who might get you into that kind of trouble? Partner with us, and we’ll help you sleep peacefully at night. 

Leverage Our Hemp Manufacturing Network

You’re a smart business owner. You know that time is your most valuable asset. So, why waste it chasing down lost orders and haggling with subpar hemp manufacturing supply chains? Partner with us, and put a network of proven experts and providers behind your brand.  

The challenges of the hemp manufacturing industry are surprisingly complex. It demands dozens, hundreds sometimes, of high-trust strategic relationships with experts in the nutraceutical, herbal, vitamin and fine chemical production niches. A breakdown or miscommunication between any of these connections can be economically and/or legally disastrous.

Thankfully, you now have a hemp manufacturing partner who has navigated these complex relationships. We have back up plans for our back up plans. We have an impressive lineup of the country’s finest and reliable experts in our corner.

This means, you get a consistent manufacturing, and delivery experience that will make it easy to line your shelves with the highest-quality custom and/or private label CBD products.

Custom Hemp Manufacturing

Specialization is key in the hemp manufacturing business. Companies that have years, or decades of experience manufacturing capsules or softgels, might still flop at manufacturing lotions, creams, serums or tinctures. But Spring Creek Labs has built and refined highly specialized processes for all kinds of product manufacturing. 

We’ve blended high-speed automation and expert oversight. This means you get fast delivery of a world-class product delivered to your shelves. We have processes and teams of skilled experts devoted to the manufacturing of Hemp-Based CBD skin care products. From Hemp-Based CBD Oils, vitamins, CBD liquids and tinctures, single shots, Hemp-Based CBD gummies, powders and dozens of other popular CBD product formulas, we have what you need.

This is especially important with the “white-glove” process of encapsulation and powder filling. We’ve invested a fortune, in time and money, into state-of-the-art encapsulation equipment. This ensures you a finely-tuned product delivery. We accommodate everything from small pilot-sized orders, to commercial-sized bulk orders.

This means you can easily test new Hemp-Based CBD product ideas without shoveling out a chunk of money big enough to buy a used car. This is what you get by making us your official hemp manufacturer. 

From Raw Materials to packaged Delivery

As your farm-to-shelf hemp manufacturer, we know how important it is for your products to look as if you have millions of dollars of complex manufacturing equipment behind you. That’s why we work hard to modernize and expand our Hemp-Based CBD product manufacturing operations, staff and equipment whenever necessary.

Our quality control standards for packaging AND delivering your private label Hemp-Based CBD products are just as strict as our standards for developing the purest US-Grown hemp crops. We consistently invest time, money and expertise into refining our quality assurance processes and keeping up with the no-nonsense GMP hemp manufacturing guidelines. We apply this same standard to everything from crops, raw materials, ingredients, product development, packaging and delivery.

Make Us Your Hemp Manufacturing Partner

Ready to get a rock-solid, hemp manufacturer working for you? We’d like to invite you to request a free, custom quote. One thing our customers often tell us is how easy it is to work with us. That’s the way it ought to be. We’ve safely navigated minefeild of hemp manufacturing, and built a well-oiled machine of production, packaging and delivery that will bring a new dimension of quality to your business.

Most of all, we know how important it is for you to work with someone who treasures the same, old-fashioned work ethic that makes every entrepreneur a success. And we’re ready to exceed your expectations as your new hemp manufacturing partner. Go ahead and request your custom quote right now. We look forward to becoming your official hemp manufacturer.

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