Can You Trust Your Hemp Manufacturing Partner?


CBD products are easy to come by. But are your CBD products up to par with the legal restrictions in your area? Most CBD product vendors don’t realize how rare a terpene-rich CBD product made from an organically grown cannabis plant really is. Fewer realize how easy it is to get a low-quality, or even ILLEGAL product on their shelves.  

If you think you’re safe, think again. High-resin cannabis plants usually contain a lot of THC. This is a problem if you’re growing (or selling) hemp products in an area where the laws against THC are still strict. And, if you’re buying CBD products from a hemp manufacturing company, you need to be extra careful about this.

The High Risk of Low-Quality Hemp

For many cannabis product dealers, hemp is a solution. Hemp plants have naturally low levels of THC. They’re also held to different regulatory standards than other cannabis plants. This makes hemp product regulation much, much less complicated. The downside is, hemp plants don’t produce much terpene when compared to their “cousin,” plant, marijuana.

Hemp products which are low in terpenes don’t have nearly the positive effect as high-resin plants. This is why some consumers are disappointed with the effects of CBD products. This has been a challenge for cannabis farmers. Especially for those who are trying to comply with the legal limits for THC content.

Some less scrupulous farmers and manufacturers “solve” this problem by fixing their numbers when it comes to the THC content of their plants. For now, the explosion of CBD and hemp manufacturers has made it hard for the FTC to catch up with these manufacturers and the vendors who buy and resell their products (wholesale or private label).

But, in time, the regulatory bodies will catch up with these farmers and manufacturers. If you’re partnering with them, YOU could be legally liable for selling these illegal products to consumers. How much trouble are we talking about? For most CBD vendors, it’s enough to put them out of business, and possibly in jail.

The Brightside of the Coming “Hempocalypse”

Remember how Forest Gump’s famous “Bubba-Gump Shrimp Corporation” became so successful? They were the only shrimping boat left after a hurricane swept through the area and wiped out their competitors. If you’re partnering with a trustworthy Hemp Manufacturing company, you could soon be in the same boat.

Imagine what will happen if (when) the FTC finally catches up with some of the “corner cutters in the Hemp and CBD product manufacturing world. My guess is, it’ll be a “Hempocalypse” comparable to the devastation caused by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

In case you’re unfamiliar, thousands of companies who had been on the first page of Google search results suddenly found themselves on page 20, 30, 50, 100, literally overnight. Some were even delisted from the search results. Many businesses watched their incoming leads go from a few hundred (or thousand) a day to literally ZERO.


How did this happen? Google had finally developed a search engine algorithm that separated spam from legitimate SEO content. Companies who had succeeded using SEO shortcuts suffered devastating losses. Many of them went out of business. Even large corporations had to close down entire locations. All because they lost their inflow of incoming leads as a result of losing their place in the search engine results.

Likewise, when the FTC finally catches up with some of these number-fixing CBD and Hemp Manufacturing companies, a lot of them will be slapped with six (possibly seven) figure fines. Possibly even jail sentences. But the interesting part will be what happens to anyone who is selling their products. 

Just imagine, the CBD products on your shelves could have more than the legal limit of THC. But, if you’re partnering with a trustworthy manufacturer,  you could be one of the “last men standing,” when the regulatory storms finally hit your competitors. The question is, are you ready? That depends on where you’re buying your Wholesale or Private Label CBD Products. 

Make Your Own “Bubba Gump Shrimp” Moment

As I said before, CBD Products are everywhere. But it’s hard to farm, extract, and manufacture CBD products that will deliver a pure and potent product to your customers.  Many CBD and Hemp Manufacturers “solve” this problem by using higher-than-legal THC cannabis plants to produce their products.

How do they escape the legal consequences? Some of them simply manufacture false information about how much THC is really in their products. Is your CBD Manufacturing partner cutting corners and putting you and your business at risk? Better to find out now than later.

Most CBD vendors will whistle right past this graveyard, and fail to look into the manufacturing and quality control practices of the people from whom they’re buying their products. But if you’re diligent, and partner with the right hemp manufacturing company, you could find yourself suddenly sailing a sea of hungry customers, while your competitors “ships” are sinking under the weight of FTC penalties.

I know which side we’ll be on. We’ve been manufacturing high-quality, legal hemp products in our FTC approved facilities for decades. If you want to join us, fill out our custom quote form and let’s talk today. Your Bubba Gump Shrimp moment could be closer than you think.

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