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Private Label and Custom Hemp Products – US Based and THC Free -Lower Priced Than 99% of Our Competitors

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur that wants to cash in on the insane growth the Hemp-Based CBD industry is seeing?

Do you want to provide people with the Hemp-Based CBD they need while promising one of the purest, consistent products on the market?

You want to explore the world of private label Hemp-Based CBD products, but you’re worried about being able to follow all the rules and regulations.

You’re thinking, “getting into the CBD business must cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands in development before you can even sell anything.”

When you work with Spring Creek labs that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Spring Creek’s vertically integrated business model ensures that you’ll never get sub-par private label Hemp-Based CBD soft gels.

In an industry where being over THC limits by just .1% could kill your business, you need a manufacturer that knows their stuff.

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Start a CBD Business
We Make it Easy to Sell Private Label CBD Softgels

To get started on your line of private label CBD soft gels today, email us now for a quote. In many cases, we can have your Private Label CBD Softgels just 24 to 48 hours after getting your labels. 

We have decades of experience working with farming partners and refining hemp products. So, don’t settle for a private label CBD manufacturer that scrapes their product from farmers they’ve never met. But we know our farming partners very well.

There’s nothing holding you back from entering the profitable world of CBD private labeling. You can create a product using our state of the art manufacturing equipment that can cost millions of dollars up front.

And the best part is you only pay for your product! We’ve already bought all that expensive equipment in order to help you build your dream company.

Partnering with a manufacturer shouldn’t be a gamble, but it often can be. You’ve probably had some bad experiences with manufacturers that couldn’t deliver in your past ventures.

You know a bad partnership can end a business before it’s even left the driveway.

Team up with the best farmers, lab techs, and logistics experts in the country. With Spring Creek Labs, you’re not just getting some random pills and potions with your label slapped on them.

Instead, it’s like walking into a business that’s already up and running, all it needs is you to get the word out. We’ll take care of the technical side so you can educate your audience about why your Custom or Private Label CBD Products are right for them.

Email us now for a free, no obligation quote!

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