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Hemp-Based and THC Free

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If you’re looking for a fast delivery and a great price on pure, bulk manufactered Hemp-Based CBD Oils, you’re in the right place. We’re Spring Creek Labs Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturing, and we’ve been doing this for a long time. You want to bring the highest quality CBD oil products to market. This means, the full array of Hemp-Based CBD Oils including: Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Nanoencapsulated (Water Soluble) CBD Oil, and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. And there’s a well-known secret in the industry if you’re looking to create a premium product: buy American. No, this isn’t about patriotic sentiment. When CBD brands source from countries like China they end up getting a lot more than just Hemp-Based CBD. Which is why knowing your CBD Oil Manufacturer’s farming techniques is vital before jumping into a partnership with them.

Good Hemp Manufacturing Starts in the Dirt

While China remains a cheap source of industrial hemp, the country has some of the most contaminated soil in the world. Not to mention water restrictions and droughts leave farmers with no choice but to use recycled water. The biggest culprit of Chinese soil contamination is cadmium. You may have never even heard of cadmium, but it’s a common agricultural pollutant. So, if you want to sell Hemp-Based CBD products, you need to partner with a CBD oil manufacturer who owns their means of production. Manufacturers, like Spring Creek Labs, are 100% vertically integrated. Meaning their plants never touch any unapproved equipment or chemicals.

Hemp Manufacturing Experience Matters

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD industry has the green light to grow as fast as the market will let it. Unfortunately, that means a lot of fly-by-night manufacturers throwing in whatever they feel like into the mix. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University decided to test several products from a popular manufacturer. To say the results were concerning is an understatement.

The samples they took contained ingredients not listed on any company materials. Among them were dextromethorphan (DXM), a common cough medicine, along with synthetic cannabinoids (often sold as “spice”). Synthetic cannabinoids are marketed as legal alternatives to real cannabinoids and rarely list their dangers.

The manufacturer in question advertises their products as all natural with nothing synthetic added. And you guessed it, these guys are sourcing the ingredients in their products from anywhere that will sell to them. This why vertical integration is key to being able to trust your manufacturer. But you want more control over your product line than what private labeling can provide.

Beyond Private Label CBD Manufacturing

Because the equipment to produce crude Hemp-Based CBD oil at high volumes is so expensive, you can save money buying oil as it goes through the refining process. Up until now you probably thought CBD oil manufacturers only sold finished, private labeled goods. But sourcing product for your CBD brand just got more interesting. Yes, you have some questions racing through your mind, like: What in the world are you supposed to do with a bunch of crude CBD oil? Is there a demand for CBD oil at various stages in the filtration process? Will I need to consider buying new equipment? We’re going to answer all these questions and show you how different types of CBD oils can open up new doors for your business. For a long time, researchers believed isolating CBD from all other plant compounds to be the most effective form of CBD.

Beware of Mislabeled CBD Oil Products

Researchers sampled 75 different products from 47 different CBD brands and guess what? Over 80% of products tested were mislabeled. Less than 1 in 5 products contained the amounts of cannabinoids listed on their packaging. How does this happen?

Products tested came from 3 major metro areas: Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These brands came from unregulated CBD oil manufacturers. The FDA and WHO are trying to create standards for the CBD industry as fast as possible. But there are plenty who are slipping through the cracks. And it’s no surprise that some of these products contained more THC than what was on the label, exposing patients to adverse side effects. Not to mention the legal consequences of crossing the 0.3% THC content threshold. But what makes full spectrum Hemp-Based CBD oil different than the crude stuff it starts off as?

Full spectrum CBD oil is more familiar to store shelves than crude oil because any solvents used in the extraction process are removed 1st. It is also decarboxylated, meaning the less active forms of cannabinoids like CBD-A become the more bioavailable CBD. And that’s what makes CBD such a booming industry. An entire business can be built around just 1 type of CBD oil. Crude and full spectrum aren’t your only options either.

THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Like full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum oil contains more than isolated CBD. It’s the next step of refinement, somewhere between full spectrum and CBD isolate. But full spectrum CBD oil can contain trace amounts of THC. So broad spectrum CBD oil removes THC entirely from the equation. Keep in mind it takes more processing to remove all the THC from the oil, so broad spectrum products cost more to produce than those using full spectrum. But we can refine CBD oil even further…

CBD Oil Nanoencapsulation

This brings us to one of the newest forms of CBD extracts, Water Soluble (Nano Encapsulated Water Soluble) CBD Oils. We all know oil and water don’t mix. CBD oil is no exception to the rule. But if we could make CBD oil water soluble it would open a whole other world of possible products. But how do you make oil and water compatible? Through a process called nanoencapsulation. We can break down CBD oil into tiny particles that can actually be dissolved into a liquid.

How is it possible for these tiny little particles to stay separated? Each particle is coated with some kind of surface coating in order to keep its form. You’re probably wondering what is the point of nanoencapsulation when there are so many other ways to consume CBD. So nanoencapsulation actually makes CBD oil more bioavailable. Patients can absorb more CBD when it is nanoencapsulated making larger doses unnecessary. And the benefits don’t stop there. Because encapsulation requires a surface coating, researchers can use a fluorescent coating in order to track CBD’s journey throughout the body. We can see exactly where CBD ends up in the body using imaging technology.

Hemp Manufacturing Practices Matter

What is good manufacturing practice (GMP) and why does it matter? When it comes to producing hemp-based CBD products and the like, we can’t test every single pill, gummy, or cream before the customer does. But we can make sure that our production line is running as smooth as possible. This helps ensure the consistency and quality of our products. By building quality assurance practices into the production line we can avoid expensive mistakes that might go unnoticed until it’s too late.

That’s why cutting corners never saves you money in the long run. Not only will you lose the money on a questionable batch of product, but your brand as a whole also loses credibility and when it comes to CBD, credibility is everything. Spring Creek Labs is GMP certified, so you can be sure their products are kept to the highest standards.

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You need a CBD oil manufacturer that acts as more than a store for your raw materials. That’s why Spring Creek Labs offer so much information on products you may not have even known existed. Because when you work with Spring Creek Labs you get a business partner, not just a manufacturer. Whether you need private labeled goods for your CBD brand or are looking to source your own CBD oil, we’ve got you covered. We have experts in all areas of the hemp supply chain from farmers all the way to the lab. We’ve invested a lot in our equipment so you can come out swinging full force just like the big guys. Your customers deserve the best and even more importantly your business deserves the best. There’s so much opportunity in the CBD industry don’t get left behind because you chose a bad manufacturer. Go with the safe option and choose 100% American grown lab certified CBD. Email us now for a free quote!

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