Hemp-Based, THC-Free CBD Liquids

US Based and THC Free – Private Label and Custom Hemp Products – Lower Priced Than 99% of Our Competitors

Why are Hemp-Based CBD liquids so popular? Because people love them.

So, why not start your own Private Label CBD Liquids product line?

Is the fear of not being able to keep up with federal regulations keeping you from starting your own line of private label Hemp-Based CBD liquids?

What if all the logistics of creating a CBD supply chain were already taken care of, and you could just pick up and start your business ASAP? Would you go for it?

Of course, you would! Working with Spring Creek Labs presents you with this exact opportunity.

We provide some of the purest product on the market. You’ll never find unlisted ingredients and chemicals in any of our custom formulas.

The Truth About CBD Liquids Manufacturing

Not all private label Hemp-Based CBD manufacturers are created equal. You wouldn’t buy your prescriptions from a pharmacy buying their inventory from a guy in a dark alley, would you?

Of course not! But that’s not that far fetched of a concept when it comes to some CBD manufacturers.

In fact, several products recently tested by Virginia’s Commonwealth University tested positive for several synthetic cannabinoids and a common ingredient found in cough syrup.

These added ingredients bring down the cost of making the product. But, none of them are listed on the product’s label! A customer looking for Hemp-Based CBD goodies can end up buying a product with unlisted ingredients that can cause an entirely different effect.

How does this happen?

It’s the result of bad manufacturing practices.

When you work with Spring Creek Labs you get the reassurance of knowing they grew every single plant that ends up in their products.

At Spring Creek Labs what you see is what you get. Our Hemp-Based CBD liquids contain nothing more or less than what the label says.

But what makes Hemp-Based CBD liquids perfect for your business? For starters, they offer customers a versatile way to incorporate Hemp-Based CBD into their lifestyle. They can take it straight out of the bottle or mix into smoothies, yogurt, or whatever else they want.

CBD Product Success Stories

If you’re worried you don’t know enough about Hemp-Based CBD to enter the industry, you can stop with the doubts now.

Entrepreneurs all over the country are venturing into the Hemp-Based CBD market for the first time. With little to no former experience with CBD, this former fashion editor started a successful line of Hemp-Based CBD beauty products.

Her only knowledge of the industry came from a class she took when she first relocated to California. She learned just enough to know that creating her own brand of CBD products wasn’t just viable, but could be extremely profitable.

Get Your CBD Liquids This Week

Best GMP Certified CBD Manufacturer

Don’t let inexperience stop you from building your business anymore. In just a few minutes, you can get a custom quote and start production before the end of the day!

You’re not just getting boxes of private label Hemp-Based CBD liquids with your brand’s name stamped on them.

Depending on your business Spring Creek Labs can work with you on custom formulas so you have a proprietary product no one else is offering.

Even if you choose a pre-formulated product you’re getting decades of Hemp-Based CBD manufacturing experience behind your business.

You’re already a successful entrepreneur that knows how and where to find new customers. Working with Spring Creek Labs not only gives you access to some of the best CBD products in the country but a panel of industry experts that can help guide you along the way.

Stop making excuses. Hemp-Based CBD is here to stay. Don’t lose out on this opportunity when there’s no reason to. Email us today for a free quote!

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