Your New Favorite CBD Gummies Manufacturer

“We’ll Beat Any CBD Gummies Manufacturer Offer! Pick Your Product and Find Out.”

What makes one CBD gummies manufacturer better another? Here are three things to ask when you talk a representative…

#1: Ask Your CBD Gummies Manufacturer About Product Purity

Ever eaten a CBD Gummy product that had virtually no effect on you? It probably didn’t have the ingredients listed on the label.  How does this happen?

John Hopkins University recently partnered with a California lab to test the contents of CBD edibles. Out of the 47 brands and 75 products tested, only 17% had the contents listed on the label.

Moreover, less than 20% of available brands were found to have accurately labeled their product.

Unless you want this to happen to your customers, you need to know how and why it happens. Please ask us about this when we discuss your custom quote today.

Even if we don’t become your CBD Manufacturer, we know you’ll be pleased at what you’ll learn from us.  

#2: Ask Your CBD Gummies Manufacturer About Bioavailability

Bioavailability determines how much of a an ingredient, like CBD, gets absorbed into your bloodstream. How important is this when shopping for your CBD Gummies Manufacturer?

A 2009 study found that the bioavailability of CBD taken orally can vary from 4-20%. This is why most experiments give participants oral CBD doses of over 500 mg.

This means your customers might only absorb 100 mg out of 500 mg worth of CBD. What can you do about this?

Ask us how our CBD nanotechnology manufacturing ensures higher bioavailability, giving you a product your customers will LOVE. 

#3: Ask Your CBD Gummies Manufacturer About Certifications

A good CBD Gummies Manufacturer will have up-to-date certifications in GMP, cGMP, and ISO. These specialized certifications are reserved for the best CBD Manufacturers. 

The FDA grants GMP and cGMP certifications. These certifications require manufacturing facilities to meet strict controls regarding employee hygiene, manufacturing practices, and laboratory procedures. Companies must pass frequent rounds of rigorous inspections to maintain these certifications.

The ISO 9001 is a rigorous, internationally recognized system of quality management. It’s also rare in the CBD manufacturing industry. Ask us more about our manufacturing standards and certifications when we talk today. 

CBD Gummies Statistics – Knowledge is Power!

While you’re here, we’d like to give you some free research data on CBD user demographics and CBD usage habits. These statistics are based on a Study of 10,000 American Consumers. If you want a rare insight into who will buy your CBD gummies and what their buying hot buttons are, glue your eyes to this page and get ready to find out!

Why People Buy CBD Products

Here’s What These CBD Statistics Mean for You…

The CBD statistics above reveal several important things about your customers. First, notice (on the top of the image on the right above) that people want a CBD product that gives them the best medical relief, without getting them high. Our Nano CBD Manufacturing process ensures the right combination of CBD product purity and bioavailability. Since our CBD gummies are hemp-based and THC free, your customers get the full effect of CBD, without the high. 

Your CBD Manufacturer AND Strategic Business Partner

We want to be more than just your CBD Gummies Manufacturer. We want to be your trusted and experienced business partner. We want you to make a lot of money and continue to work with us as your business grows. 

In just 4 years, sales of CBD products have multiplied by almost 5 fold.  Last year, the U.S. saw sales in excess of $512 million compared to just $108 million in 2014. Don’t wait for everyone else to cash in on the CBD industry before you get your shot.

Spring Creek Labs can help you launch your Private Label CBD gummies products today. Just call us and get your quote today! We’ll start production on your line of private label CBD gummies this week.

Your customers will get full access to a laboratory and Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer with decades of experience. You can price your products competitively since you won’t have to budget for research and development. We’ll take care of that. 

The CBD industry is booming, and you can still get in on the ground floor. Contact us today, and make us your CBD Gummies Manufacturer and trusted business partner. 

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