Hemp-Based, THC-Free CBD Capsules

US Based and THC Free – Private Label and Custom Hemp Products – Lower Priced Than 99% of Our Competitors

You want to start your own brand of private label Hemp-Based CBD capsules, but finding a good manufacturer is harder than it sounds.

Most private label CBD capsule manufacturers at the top of search results pages have huge minimum orders and require approval before moving forward with your business.

Spring Creek Labs is different.  We democratize the CBD industry by offering low minimum orders for private label CBD products (250 to be exact).

Its important to get product from a GMP manufacture A recent study found that close to ⅔ of the 81 CBD products bought for independent testing are incorrectly labeled. Its important to get product from a GMP manufacture 

Not only that, but these mislabeled products were both under and overestimating how much CBD they contain.

So customers with good intentions end up getting a totally inappropriate or even nonexistent dose of CBD.

Set yourself apart as a leader in the industry with correctly labeled products.  As more regulations and testing is enforced, don’t come under scrutiny at a crucial time.

Market Tested CBD Capsule Formulas

You know the CBD industry is booming. But now you know more about why.  CBD isn’t a passing health food trend like goji or acai berries.

Private label CBD capsules from Spring Creek Labs are how you’ll be able to deliver a higher quality product than your competitors while keeping your overhead low.  

Don’t waste your time trying to source everything from the ground up. Spring Creek Labs has spent decades growing their vertically integrated business from the ground up.

In an industry where one botched batch of capsules can break the bank, you need to know you’re manufacturer can provide a consistently high-quality product for your customers.

Get a custom quote today to start production on your CBD capsules immediately.  Custom quotes are completely free with no obligations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get your free quote today and start building your CBD empire…

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