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CBD Capsules

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Want a piece of the multi-billion dollar Hemp-Based CBD industry? No one does Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Capsules like Spring Creek Labs. Just ask our customers. Need to start small? We can test your Private Label Hemp-Based CBD capsules product for just 500 bottles. Get your custom quote now.

CBD Softgels

Hemp-Based and THC Free

We’ve perfected Private Label CBD Softgels manufacturing, packaging, branding, and delivery. Combine our decades of experience with the power of the Hemp-Based CBD product industry, and watch sales explode! Get your quote right now, and pilot your Hemp-Based CBD Softgels product with just 500 bottles.

CBD Liquids

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Private Label Hemp-Based CBD liquids are a cornerstone of the exploding hemp product industry. You can create your own custom Hemp-Based CBD liquids, and package them JUST the way you want them! What formula do YOU want to carry? Get your free custom quote and we’ll help you test it out.

CBD Creams

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Imagine breaking into the $56.2 Billion beauty industry with your own lineup of private label Hemp-Based CBD creams and lotions. Pick your signature color, texture, fragrance and we’ll put our decades of Hemp-Based CBD product manufacturing experience into creating it! Get your custom quote today for details.

CBD Powders

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Why put Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Powders and other food products on your shelves? Maybe because they’re some of the HOTTEST new dining trends in America! Want chocolate? Vanilla. Custom flavor? Our Hemp-Based CBD powders are made to order! Get your custom quote today!

CBD Gummies

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Hemp-Based CBD gummies are hot, hot, hot sellers! They’re the third most popular in Google food searches! Want to boost your sales revenue? Let’s put some Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Gummies on your shelves! Fill out our custom quote form and tell us how many you want to start with.

Low-Risk Private Label CBD Products

Want to start your own CUSTOM line of Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Products? We’re a fully vertical, Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturer. We can start with a small pilot order of just 500 bottles. If your custom CBD product sells, we can easily scale up from there. Just tell us what you want, and get a quote for your custom or Private Label Hemp-Based CBD formula in the next 24 hours. 

As your fully-vertical Hemp Manfaucturer, we want YOUR products to look like they came from a multi-million dollar facility. That’s why we’ve invested decades into our farming partnerships, manufacturing, packaging and delivery processes and partnerships.

We’ve worked hard to expand, refine and modernize our Private Label Hemp-Based CBD manufacturing operations, equipment, and staff. This means, you get the benefit of having a hard-working, proven, industry leader behind your products.

A Simple Secret to Business Success

We know what you’re thinking. It’s called market saturation. The Hemp-Based CBD Product industry is hotly competitive. It’s getting harder every day to cut through the noise. So, how can you stand out by selling Private Label Products? Easy. Stop trying to be a Jack of all Trades. Build a brand that’s specifically designed to appeal to a target demographic and solve a specific problem.

If your customers come to know you as the go-to brand for pet-products, or vaping products, or Hemp-Based CBD Gummies? Pick one of these and REALLY build a reputation selling that product. Then, as you build your customer base, you can always expand into other product lines. This is the secret to what Best-Selling Author Michael Gerber calls a “Scalable” business.  Jim Collins also talks about this in his book “Good to Great,” calling it “The Hedgehog Principle.”

Most small business operations ignore this. They try to expand into other several lines, before they’ve gotten traction on a single type of product. But, did you know that William Wrigley Jr. got started when he realized his customers like the free gum he GAVE away, more than they liked the products he was selling? The most explosive businesses start small, and simple. 

If you make us your Hemp Manufacturer we’ll make this easy for you. Just call us and let’s test your first Custom Hemp-Based CBD Product, or Private Label Product line for just a few hundred bottles. 

How Can We Help You Succeed?

So, are you ready to test your first custom, or Private Label Hemp-Based CBD product? Since we do contract hemp manufacturing AND Private Hemp-Based CBD product manufacturing, we can help you with both. Our standards for quality control are based on the rock solid standards of the good manufacturing practices.

How long will it take? Our state-of-the-art FDA registered facility is staffed with more than 150 skilled, hard-working specialists. So, once we get your labels, we could have your Private Label Product delivered within 24 hours. Our customers often tell us how easy we are to work with. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same way after talking to us. 

Are you ready to put our decades of highly specialized experience and a spotless track record behind your business? Call us, or click the button below to fill out a short form and get your free Private Label Hemp-Based CBD products quote today!

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