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Steven Springer is a Natural Health Researcher and CBD Enthusiast. He has a background in Holistic Health, Strength Training, and Classical Music Composition. He lives in Tampa Florida with his wife and his dog "Agape."

Steven Springer

New Partnership Seeks to Dominate Hemp Manufacturing Supply Chains

A new alliance is forming in the hemp production industry. The alliance is currently made of partners Dümmen Orange North America and Royale Botanicals. Dümmen Orange is the world’s largest ornamental plant breeder and propagator. Royale Botanicals is a division of Denver’s Dutch Heritage Gardens specializing in a hemp plant breeding and clone production. These privately held partners plan to build a national hemp…

Michigan Regulators Speak On Hemp-Derived CBD in Dairy Products

Michigan State agriculture regulators recently clarified their position on CBD products (hemp seeds and extracts) being included in dairy products. The statement came via an email from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Food and Dairy Division (MDARD)* to food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The purpose of the statement was to reinforce the State of Michigan’s position on…

Better Business Bureau Issues Warning About FREE Trial CBD Scams

Free Trial CBD Scams are on the rise. Beware. If you see an offer for a “FREE Sample” of a CBD product, beware. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), these offers are being used as covers for shady subscription sales. The warning came after the BBB received “dozens of reports from frustrated consumers who thought they signed up for a free trial offer but ended up getting billed for hundreds of dollars.”

Benefits of CBD – Doctors Give Their Opinions

Welcome to our on the exploration on the benefits of CBD. This article is brought to you by Spring Creek Labs, a U.S. Based CBD Manufacturer and Private Label CBD Product Fulfillment Company. If you’re curious about the benefits of CBD, you’re in the right place. The internet is littered with millions of claims about the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. The problem is, many of these statements are backed up by little or no research.

History of Hemp in The World – A Start to Finish Guide

The story of the history of hemp in the world goes back thousands of years. Cannabis originated in Central Asia. It’s generally thought to have started in India. Most scholars point to the foothills of the Himalayas as the starting point. Its use in medicine dates back over 5,000 years. The THC and other compounds help alleviate pain, make arthritis better, and generally make people feel nice. There is some scholarly speculation as to…

Specialty Cannabinoids – Everything You Need to Know

Specialty Cannabinoids are super popular, and growing more so each day. But, do you know where your specialty cannabinoid products come from? Do you know how they’re farmed, extracted, manufactured, packaged, and delivered? If not, you’re spending big money on what’s written on the product label. You wouldn’t buy a computer without knowing what kind of software was on it or whether it was infected with…

Industrial Hemp Manufacturing – Everything You Need to Know

As the CBD industry boosts America’s hemp farms, growers struggle to meet demand. So, many manufacturers turn to imports as a reliable or low-cost source for CBD. But how might that affect the product? US hemp imports include products from China where they suffer from polluted soil. Romania also sends hemp to the US. High heavy metal concentrations occur in their ground. And India has toxic water that has affected…

CBD Regulation in the US – Past to Present

As of 2020, the CBD industry had dealt with little regulation. And despite questions concerning its legality, it’s still booming with growth. As long as THC levels remain under 0.3%, manufacturers can offer a wide array of products. CBD’s past has shown that governments, business, and consumers want more expansion. It’s evident that questions concerning its legality, it’s still booming with growth. As long as THC levels…

Hemp Uses in History – From Ancient to Modern Times

It’s weird to think about. An entire civilization with modern amenities like running water, a thriving marketplace, and a political system not much unlike many current governments. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was its downfall. Living in Rome during the end of the empire was bleak. Post-apocalyptic isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone with money had left for more stable city-states. Those left behind were left to…

Hemp Manufacturing Process – Your Start to Finish Guide

Welcome to our article on the Hemp Manufacturing Process. This article is brought to you by Spring Creek Labs, a US-Based CBD Manufacturer specializing in private label and custom hemp-based CBD products. Hemp Industries Association is one of the oldest hemp manufacturing groups in the HEMP MANUFACTURING industry. Long before the modern American hemp revolution, the HIA had a humble beginning in Arizona.

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