What in the World Is Nano Emulsified Anhydrous CBD Oil?

Nano emulsified anhydrous CBD oil sounds like the unpronounceable ingredient on the back of some questionable frozen food. 

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Have hemp-based CBD manufacturers finally gone too far? Right up there with “mechanically separated chicken parts”.

But nano emulsified anhydrous (NEA) CBD oil is much more appetizing. Nanoemulsion has been pushing the envelope on what can be done with pharmaceuticals for decades.

But using the technology on cannabinoids is so new there is little research. So why are consumers suddenly reaching for this trendy form of CBD?

Bioavailability of Nano CBD VS Regular CBD

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The human body can be like a dry river bed. Too much water too fast causes flooding. So much rain falls at once, the ground can’t absorb the majority of it.

Instead, picture a light misty rain. The kind at the very end of spring when summer is peaking around the corner.

The pores of the riverbed begin to open wide, drinking every last drop of moisture. This is what increased bioavailability in the body is like.

You want your body to absorb as much of your daily dose as possible. Nanotechnology should be easier to absorb in theory.

But how does it play out in reality with products from a US-based hemp manufacturer?

Surfactants, Cosurfactants, and Nanoemulsions, Oh My!

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If molecules were as big as a Ziploc sandwich bag they could be filled with anything. Nanotech creates little pockets of materials called surfactants.

These little pockets can be filled with nano emulsified anhydrous CBD oil. The surface tension makes a 180.

From being terrified of water to loving it, nanotech is product design at the molecular level.

What Science Says About

Nano Emulsified Anhydrous CBD Oil

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Because our bodies are mostly water, it’s no wonder hydrophobic CBD products can end up with low bioavailability.

Most of us don’t get much more than about 4-20%. Vaping is a more effective way to get your CBD but at the cost of your respiratory health.

Nanotechnology is here to save the day. Using nanotech to disguise CBD molecules as water-friendly might make them easier to digest.

It’s important to remember that although nano CBD mixes well with water, it isn’t water-soluble. That’s the main difference when considering nano CBD vs full-spectrum CBD oil.

Nano CBD still has to travel through the body’s fat absorption pathway, but smaller particles can be easier for your body to absorb.

Think of it as the difference between getting a mouthful of food vs a nibble. The bigger the bite, the more you have to chew. This is what happens when standard CBD passes through the intestinal tract.

First Pass Effect

The first pass effect is the process of CBD passing through the liver and gut wall. Because the liver acts as a filter, it blocks a lot of the CBD that could otherwise be put to use.

It may be possible to avoid this by using nanotechnology to bypass the first pass and reach the bloodstream faster.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been using nanotechnology for better absorption for decades. But private label CBD manufacturers are trying it out for the first time.

Even though nano CBD isn’t water-soluble, it does disperse in water more evenly than regular CBD. By making CBD more like water it should have an easier time getting past the body’s first line of defenses.

Applying nanotechnology to CBD is a modern phenomenon. The research is still in its infancy, much of it on pharmaceutical drugs, not CBD.

So keeping customers up to date with the latest research so they can make an informed decision will win you market share.

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Keeping your blog up to date and never misleading anyone about medical claims will make sure your customers stay loyal.

The Easiest Way To Get Started Selling Nano Emulsified Anhydrous CBD Oil

Nano emulsified anhydrous CBD oil is a complex product made simple by nano CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs.

More exotic forms of CBD still have a long way to go when it comes to customer education.

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