The Truth About USA Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturers: Part III

Do you want to add a line of Hemp-Based CBD products to your shelves? After considering all the products and options available, it can be hard to decide what to order. You could take a guess, but wouldn’t it be best to get help from an American Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer?

A US Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer that only buys hemp from US growers knows the US CBD market better than anyone. They can help you stand up to and beat your competition. They can help you please your customers and earn more of their business.

A trusted American CBD manufacturer knows the most popular products your customers want. And they know the concentrations they’re looking for. Your US Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer offers a wide range of CBD products for private labeling.

Hemp-Based CBD Oils

You want the highest quality Hemp-Based CBD oils on your shelves. Whether it’s crude, full spectrum, nanoencapsulation, or broad spectrum CBD oil. You’ve heard it before, and you know it’s true. If you want a premium product, then buy American.

Crude Hemp-Based CBD Oil

Some US customers look for the cannabinoids that are left out of the more refined products. An option you can offer your customers is crude CBD oil. One of the cannabinoids, CBG, has been shown to reduce inflammation

CBD-A has shown promise in other clinical studies. Crude CBD oil offers these cannabinoids at a lower cost to you. It’s an excellent product to boost your margins as a reseller.

Full-Spectrum Hemp-Based CBD Oil

Many US CBD consumers find full-spectrum CBD oil to be more effective than the CBD compound on its own. Added terpenes and other compounds result in potent products with lasting effects.

THC-Free Broad Spectrum Hemp-Based CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil can still contain trace amounts of THC. Some of your customers may not like the idea of consuming any THC. They may not want to entertain the possibility of having any psychoactive effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD gives your customers more than isolated CBD, but without any of the THC. This product may appeal to users who take other medications, suffer from mental illness, or have a history of substance abuse.

Hemp-Based CBD Oil Nanoencapsulation

US consumers are searching for the most effective ways to take CBD. Nanoencapsulation is one of the newest forms of Hemp-Based CBD extracts. CBD oil is broken down into tiny particles that can actually dissolve in liquid. This process makes CBD oil more bioavailable and allows for lower doses.

Hemp-Based CBD Capsules & Softgels

Many of your customers look for the convenience of Hemp-Based CBD capsules and softgels. These products are a discrete method for taking Hemp-Based CBD. The general public in the US is more open to CBD than in the past. But some struggle with others understanding the benefits of CBD and why they take it.

It is important to consumers that the dosages are accurate. They may use Hemp-Based CBD products daily for a chronic condition. Even though Hemp-Based CBD isn’t psychoactive, it does have limited side effects for some who take it.

Hemp-Based CBD Liquids

Liquids can be ingested in the form of tinctures. They can offer fast action dilivery as the body processes them quicker when consumed.

Nervous professionals are still often asked to give presentations or speak in front of crowds. Others who suffer from conditions such as PTSD find CBD liquids to provide fast action performance. Liquids can also be used for skin conditions. They offer fast execution when applied externally.

Hemp-Based CBD Powders

American consumers are often busy. Incorporating Hemp-Based CBD into their already routine behaviors ensure regular dosage. Pure CBD comes in a fine, white powder. This powder is a potent method for ingesting Hemp-Based CBD products.

Hemp-Based CBD powders let consumers mix CBD into beverages like protein shakes. They can also mix them into baked goods. Or they can add them to other recipes.

Hemp-Based CBD Creams

If you’re going to slather yourself with a topical lotion or ointment, then you want to know what’s in it. With any type of lotion or cream the other ingredients are just as important to your customers. Working with a manufacturer that has been in the business for years will give you the best quality products for your customers. Go with an American Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer who knows what’s in that cream from farm-to-shelf.

Hemp-Based CBD Gummies

CBD Hemp-Based CBD gummies offer a longer shelf life than other CBD edibles. They’re discreet and don’t require vaping or smoking. Smoking has a stigma in the US. But everyone eats. And gummies are tasty, crowd-pleasers. You can offer your customers lots of flavors to choose from. Create your own unique flavor packs.

It’s very important that the dosage is correct when it comes to gummies. The bioavailability of Hemp-Based CBD can vary from 4-20%. At best, your customers can only absorb 100mg out of 500mg of CBD gummies. A hemp manufacturer with decades of experience will ensure key factors such as dosage are accurate everytime.

A Hemp Manufacturer You Can Trust

Don’t stress over which Hemp-Based CBD products you should offer your customers. You’ve just considered some of the most popular products in the US CBD market. Now you just need a manufacturer who can help you choose what to offer on your first private label order.

Contact Spring Creek Labs today. Get help from an American Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer that can help you select the best products for the US CBD market. Start with your first order of only 500 bottles.