Hemp-Based Manufactures Top 10 Uses for Hemp-Based Products

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Hemp-based manufactures top 10 mind blowing products have been around for decades. With all the talks of hemp-based CBD manufacturers sometimes we forget hemp as a ton of other uses. From seed to leaf, every part of the hemp plant is used to make everything from hemp milk to airplane parts!

So if hemp is so versatile, why isn’t everything made of it? The 2018 Farm Bill update finally started to loosen restrictions on hemp farming in the US.

Imagine a future of buildings made of hemp. The air will be cleaner, the ground more full of water, and we won’t need to give up much land to resource-intensive livestock. The Hemp-based manufactures top 10 is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what are these practical uses for hemp? These out of the box applications of hemp will open you up to a whole new world of possibilities for hemp in the next decade.

Hemp-Based Manufactures Top 10 Uses: 

1. Hempcrete

If concrete were a bloody slab of NY strip steak, hempcrete is the vegetarian black bean and kimchi patty version.

Instead of requiring intense mining activities causing irreparable damage to the earth, hempcrete uses, well, hemp, in place of these minerals.

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Not only does hempcrete save on mining damage and costs,it continues to absorb carbon dioxide even when completing its transformation into building material.

325 kg (about 716 lbs) is stored in every dry ton of hemp. US-based hemp manufacturers are actually helping to remove carbon dioxide out of the air.

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2. Biofuel

Turning plants into ethanol for cars is nothing new. But hemp has clear advantages over siphoning food crops for biofuel.

First, hemp puts nutrients back into the soil. A section of charred Chernobyl is now living its best green life thanks to a crop of hemp.

Hemp can be used to leach toxins from soil contaminated with everything from crude oil to pesticides.

Organic hemp is almost a redundant phrase because pesticides aren’t needed for most hemp production. This is thanks to its incredible pest-deterring qualities.

3. Milk

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What can’t they milk these days? Sure, buying almond milk makes you feel good about helping the environment by eating plant-based.

But not all alternative milk is created equal. Unfortunately, almonds drink more water than a desert-wandering horse.

While less than what a cow needs, the amount of water needed to make almonds will make your jaw drop…

Every single year the almond industry uses three times the water all of Los Angeles uses in the same amount of time.

Hemp’s ability to give back to the soil and less water-intensive needs make it not just a healthy alternative to cow milk, it’s one of the most sustainable.

4. Burgers

If it’s been turned into milk, the next step is making it into a burger. Hemp seeds host a bastion of polyunsaturated fats.

Mixed with other ingredients they add a complete protein to a plant-based meal. The fat in them helps to keep you full and satiated the way a fatty beef patty would.

5. Plastic

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Hemp makes great plastic, so why isn’t it in everything? The fact that until recently hemp was in a legal gray area didn’t help.

But the main reason hemp plastic or any alternative plastic for that matter isn’t dominating the market is because of regulations.

Every industry from medical to automobile production have their own standards their plastics must meet.

Testing hemp plastics for only one of these uses is expensive and time-consuming. But you can expect to see more consumer products without as rigorous restrictions using alternative plastic sources in the future.

6. Paint

The seeds of the hemp plant are just as useful as the plant itself. The oil extracted from them can be made into varnish to replace many types of building paint.

Hemp takes much less water and resources to make than traditional varnish and doesn’t pollute the Earth with noxious chemicals.

7. Pet Toys

This is one of the best uses for hemp because pet toys can contain tons of toxic compounds. 

Between 2007-2011, 13,000 pets died from imported toys and treats. Adding chemicals to pet food is commonplace in China.

Even in the U.S., there is no regulatory authority in charge of pet toys. That leaves a door wide open for dangerous and untested materials to be used in the making of these products.

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Hemp rope is nontoxic and super strong. It can be made in to braided ropes dogs salivate over and hemp fabric for cat toys.

With the green light for American hemp farmers, it should start to be easier to find pet toys sourced and made domestically to avoid shady overseas suppliers.

8. Graphene Alternative

Graphene is a super metal that sounds like something out of a comic book. It’s hundreds of times stronger than steel, conducts electricity better than copper, and is more flexible than rubber.

Manufacturers salivate over the stuff. It uses range from noncorrosive screens on your phone to lighting fast rechargeable batteries.

But like anything super valuable, the sky-high price makes it impractical to build any consumer good around.

In comes hemp to save the day. David Mitlin, an employee of Clarkson University, has managed to turn scraps of hemp pulp into a substance with some of the same properties that make graphene so useful.

They’re turning this new upcycled material into supercapacitors, batteries that charge tens or hundreds of times faster than regular lithium batteries.

9. Airplanes

Yes, you read that right. Airplane manufacturers are experimenting with components made from hemp.

How does that even work? Hemp can be made into everything from fiberglass replacements to plastic alternatives.

The plane is made of over 75% hemp-based materials. And runs entirely on hemp oil. Since hemp made airplane parts are lighter than the usual steel and aluminum ones, it also requires less oil to fuel it than a traditional aircraft.

10. Salad

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Does hemp seed salad sound good? Hemp is a rarity when it comes to planting proteins. It contains all nine amino acids, making it the perfect option for vegan protein powder.

It’s long been known industrial hemp seeds and oil contain some of the lowest levels of THC out of all cannabis byproducts.

The taste is buttery and nutty, not unlike the taste and texture of your favorite tree nut. Food products are one of the biggest money makers for a private label hemp manufacturer.

Hemp-Based Manufactures Top 10 Is Just The Begining

More Innovation to Come…

The 90s had us thinking about what could be made of soy. This next decade is going to be all about not only finding alternatives but sustainable alternatives.

As the demand for hemp and hemp product grows, so will the demand for CBD and other products.

Being at the frontier of a booming industry has its pros and cons. Billions in expected growth are great, but if you can’t find a CBD manufacturer using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) you might as well throw the towel in now.


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