Are Your Customers Looking for Nano-Enhanced CBD Oil

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Nano-enhanced CBD oil is far from science fiction. If you’re skeptical, you’re far from alone. It sounds like the start of an action-packed superhero blockbuster hit. A hemp-based CBD manufacturer struck by nano-enhanced technology, giving it special powers it didn’t have before.

Contraversy has surrounded nanotech since it’s beginning back in 1959. Renowned physicist Richard Feynman is the first notable scientific authority to openly discuss the possibilities of such technology.

Decades of confusion followed. The definition was like the local public pool. It was tough to keep anyone out.

People could label things as nano-enhanced without really knowing what it means. Because of this, the term gained popularity throughout the 2000s.

That’s not what US-based hemp manufacturer spring Creek Labs is about. We’re able to off the highest quality nano-enhanced CBD oil, nano CBD powder, nano CBD cream, and many other nano CBD oil products your customers want.

Nano CBD vs Regular CBD–Does It Matter?

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The great thing about infusing science and hemp is the variety of potential uses. To be clear, nanotechnology doesn’t change the chemical properties of CBD.

When you see nano-enhanced CBD at your favorite retailer, the label refers to the way the CBD is delivered to your body.

Standard CBD is hydrophobic. Since it can’t mix into water, it’s applications are limited to products where some fat or oil is needed.

But it’s not just a cool way to make CBD beverages. The theory behind wrapping CBD in nanotechnology is the added bioavailability.

Nano CBD VS Full-Spectrum

If full-spectrum CBD oil captures the essence of hemp straight from nature, nano CBD is the exact opposite.

There are over 100 cannabinoids. Private label CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs offers full-spectrum CBD oil harvested from only company-owned farms.

This is how consistency is maintained. Some nano CBD manufacturers source their raw materials from farmers all over the country and abroad.

This means the slightest change in their supply could result in a different cannabinoid profile.

But not everyone is comfortable ingesting trace amounts of THC. So Spring Creek Labs also offers broad-spectrum CBD oil for a 100% THC free CBD experience.

For the customer who only wants CBD, nothing more or less is when nanotechnology becomes useful.

Nanotechnology isn’t necessary for isolating CBD, but an end result is a pure form of CBD

Nanotech Uses

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By encasing individual CBD molecules in chemicals called surfactants, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Not only can CBD now be added to a lot more products because of nanotech, some believe nano CBD is easier for your body to digest.

This is what is piquing the interest of consumers across the country. A flavorless way to get a more bioavailable form of CBD, who wouldn’t be interested?

What Nanotech Isn’t

It’s tempting for CBD brands to overstate the benefits of nanotechnology. Taking CBD orally can lead to a bioavailability as low as 4%.

The majority is lost throughout your digestive process. Because our bodies hold so much water, it makes it hard for fat-loving CBD to pass through effectively.

CBD has to travel through the fat pathways after making a long treacherous trip through the gastrointestinal system. You can up these numbers by vaporizing CBD.

Vaporizing allows about a third of the CBD consumed to reach your bloodstream. Much higher, but with the unknown side effects on the respiratory system.

Not to mention CBD customers are looking for wellness products. Because the jury is still out on the side effects of vaping we don’t recommend it for your customers.

So it’s no wonder hemp manufacturers began looking for ways to increase absorption without harming the lungs.

Since CBD doesn’t mix with water and our bodies are mostly water, the reason for malabsorption is obvious.

Since nano CBD makes it possible for CBD to mix with water, it should increase the amount available in the bloodstream.

Getting Started is Easy

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Customers are looking for answers. Private label CBD products providing convenience and great customer experience is the key to success in this industry.

Breaking into an industry can be tough when you start out at a disadvantage. Nano CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs bridges the gap for startups looking to compete with the big guys.

With a low minimum order, it’s easy to test what products your customers will love. Since we don’t outsource our supply chain our product is the most consistent on the market.

Why wait for some other company to take your market share? Email Spring Creek Labs today for a no-obligation free quote!