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5 Myths About CBD That Just Won’t Die

At this point, we’ve seen CBD infused into everything. Bath bombs, Slurpees, even CBD toothpaste can be found at the click of a button. CBD news is always a buzz with a new product.

But with the FDA’s most recent batch of warning letters goes some of the credibility the industry has been striving for like a baby bear reaching for an apple from the orchard.

Does it get you high? Is it just like weed but without any side effects? Can CBD be my primary care physician?

The FDA is finally making moves towards regulating the wild and often misrepresented private label CBD products industry.

Why are so many still lost when it comes to what CBD even is? These are the top 5 myths about CBD that your grandma just won’t give up.

Myth 1: CBD Works like THC Without the High

With more people familiar with THC-laden marijuana, it’s the easiest way to make something new relatable.

But if THC works like a key to your endocannabinoid system, CBD is like that tape you can put over a boat’s leak to keep it from sinking.

What I mean is CBD actually blocks some of your endocannabinoid receptors. This is why CBD isn’t psychoactive.

It isn’t just a different compound cramming itself into the same receptors as THC. Not knowing exactly what CBD does once it’s inside us is why the FDA is sweating bullets over CBD lattes and gummies.


Myth 2: CBD Has No Potential Side Effects

It’s almost New Year which means resolutions. If you’re planning on eating healthier this coming year, you know the consequences you’ll endure.

All that insoluble fiber from your massive salad isn’t going over well in a stomach accustomed to burgers and fries.

Cravings, headaches, and mood swings are all regular guests over at any dieter’s home. Even when you’re doing something good for you your body is going to fight it.

Research on the side effects of CBD is still young. But from trials of FDA-approved CBD drug Epidiolex we’ve seen, there is a possibility for liver damage from the drug.

Myth 3: Taking CBD Supplements Is Basically like Seeing a Doctor

Never listen to the crazy granola lady in the homeopathy section telling you CBD cured her this alleviated her that.

You should check with your doctor before taking anything containing CBD. If you’re the type that hates going to the doctor, you’re not alone.

But self-diagnosing and treating yourself with CBD products is a step in the wrong direction. CBD has some promising research behind it but it’s not a miracle.

Unless it comes in the form of prescription drug Epidiolex, you’re not getting an FDA-approved product.


Only Order CBD from Sources You Can Trust

So use with caution. Do your research. Make sure to source your hemp-based CBD from a company that owns their own farms and facilities, like Spring Creek Labs.

If you’ve ever launched a new product before, you know how important it is to test the market. 

That includes checking out the CBD manufacturing capabilities of your supplier as well.

Spring Creek Labs can do orders as small as 250 bottles. Your brand of private label CBD products could be rolling off the press before the end of the month.

So what are you waiting for? Hemp manufacturing has never been easier. Email us now and get the ball rolling on your custom line of CBD products and jump headfirst into one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet!