The Scoop on Nano CBD and Nanotechnology

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What’s do Nano CBD and Nanotechnology have in common? Working with a hemp-based CBD manufacturer is like walking into a lush redwood forest.

The air is full of aromas. From the fresh soil kicked up with every step to the odor of dangerous little red berries wafting from unseen groves.

Sitting down on your towel, you plug your nose. Those beautiful scents are gone, but now you notice all the little critters moving about.

So you close your eyes. Without sight or smell, you reach for that fresh earth. The grains in the mud make you nostalgic for mud pies.

What does any of this have to do with nano CBD and nanotechnology? Spring Creek Labs doesn’t just make one kind of nano CBD oil.

Just like covering your eyes or plugging your nose controls your senses, nano CBD manufacturers can strip away the different components of CBD oil to get customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil

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US-based hemp manufacturers tend to focus on CBD. But there have been 113 cannabinoids found within the plant.

In nature, these cannabinoids interact with each other. This has led to a holistic approach to how to take your CBD.

Is it better to take your cannabinoids with their friends? This really comes down to the customer.

The plain and simple answer is there just isn’t enough research to know whether cannabinoids need to be taken together for optimum results.

The Entourage Effect

You’re about to step out to the big party. You’re nervous. You feel a bead of sweat carving its way down your forward.

Your two best friends are telling you how great you look. They’re your rock. With them, you can do anything.

Everyone feels better when they show up with a team. CBD straight from the hemp plant is surrounded by other cannabinoids.

But are they as supportive as your best friends? That’s where up to the customer decides. Some believe the other cannabinoids allow CBD to work at it’s greatest potential.

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The bioavailability, or how well the body absorbs something, could be affected by the presence of other cannabinoids.

Private label CBD manufacturers of the future could create different cannabinoid cocktails for different uses.

It’s how they get products like broad-spectrum CBD oil while also offering nano CBD powder.

Broad Spectrum is just like full-spectrum, but with 100% of the THC removed. Full-spectrum contains a minuscule amount of THC. The federal limit of 0.3% means it won’t cause euphoria but may concern some customers.

There are many reasons your customers may want to avoid THC, even in negligible amounts. For them, you can offer a THC-free broad-spectrum oil.

Nano CBD VS Full-Spectrum

Continue to take out ingredients, impurities, and excess water and you get what is known as nano CBD.

If you had something to send to your sister across the country, you’d put your letter in an envelope.

That’s how CBD and nanotech work. Usually, CBD won’t mix with water. It’d be like trying to send your sister a letter without an envelope or postal service to get it there.

Nanotech lets CBD go where it has never gone before. CBD naturally prefers to disperse when fats or oils come along for the ride.

By enveloping them in special chemicals that coat each molecule, the CBD now acts totally different.

So what’s the point? Why would your customers want this new form of CBD? Some believe it’s easier for the body to absorb. Others love that it mixes with anything without adding any weird flavors.

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Whatever your customers want nano CBD for, there’s a great way to get your hands on anything they want.

Now Is the Time to Invest

Nano CBD and nanotechnology is a high tech process that can’t be done without a big investment in equipment.

Brands just starting out would get squashed like a bug made out of glass if they had to compete against the big guys when it comes to manufacturing.

Private label CBD products are a great way for startups to come out of the gate with fists swinging.

With a low minimum order, Spring Creek Labs is a nano CBD oil powerhouse. From farm to factory, we don’t contract anything out.

It’s how we’re able to help with every step of the process, down to shipping each order to your customers.

Stop waiting. With so many options you can test which products your customers love and scrap what they don’t.

It all starts with an email and a quote. Talk to us now!