Hemp-Based CBD and the Immune System

Hemp-based CBD manufacturers make everything from lotions to gummy bears. But how does CBD and the immune system interact with each other? 

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Before jumping into the science of it all, the effects of CBD on the body are still being studied.

This article focuses on how cannabinoids physically travel through the body. Do not attempt to use CBD as a replacement for medical care or speaking with your physician.

Our Bodies Are Cannabinoid Factories

The body makes its own cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids travel through the body like a pack of excited kids on a rollercoaster.

Endocannabinoids are released into the body and latch on to special proteins and enzymes.

More specialized proteins shuttle the cannabinoids down to either CB1 or CB2 receptors.

Without proteins keeping them moving and enzymes to break them down, they will continue to build up in the body. The same goes for processing products from US-based hemp manufacturers.

To combat this our bodies are in a constant state of balancing itself out. The part of the endocannabinoid system involved with this fight for harmony within the body is CB2 receptors.


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Cannabinoid receptors are like high school cliques, CB1 and CB2 sit at different lunch tables.

CB1 receptors line the central nervous system like an internal train track for neurotransmitters and cannabinoids to ride on.

These receptors play a huge part in motor functions, memory, and how we experience emotions.

CB2 receptors work closely with the immune system to keep the body healthy. The immune system is often grouped in with what are known as peripheral tissues.

Peripherals are parts of the body that respond to change. They shout to each other like stockbrokers on the floor of the stock exchange screaming “buy!” or “sell!”.

Peripherals are the reason a mosquito bite gets red and itchy and sprained ankles swell to the size of a jackfruit within a matter of minutes.

How the immune system fights off intruders

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Killing off unhealthy or unwanted cells is called apoptosis. It’s one of the main duties of the immune system. Researchers are working endlessly to figure out how CBD might be able to make this process more efficient.

Why is the process of killing cells so vital to maintaining good health? When dangerous disease-causing pathogens enter the body, they come in waving a big flag.

That flag is called an antigen. They’re the part of the pathogen that says to your immune system, “Hey, I’m not supposed to be here, you might want to do something about that.”

The immune system needs these antigens to signal response or the pathogens can quickly overtake the immune system.

Harmful bacteria do something similar when they shoot membrane vesicles (MV) into the body. 

Until these MVs are released, the bacteria itself can’t do much. This recent study shows how CBD from hemp manufacturers may act as a plug for MVs that would be released under normal circumstances.

How CBD Fits In

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The endocannabinoid system is like a farmer’s market vendors can rent a booth in. This is how CBD is able to interact with a system usually regulating just our endocannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system is like a system of locks requiring very specific keys to operate.

We make our own keys, but external cannabinoids can have just as strong, if not stronger, of an effect than the ones our bodies make.

Unlike THC which enters both receptors, CBD changes how those receptors play with other cannabinoids.

The best example of this is CBD’s ability to regulate the receptors’ intake of THC. CBD acts like a rubber band around cannabinoid receptors. The euphoria caused by THC is actually dulled by CBD getting in the way.

CB2 receptors are the social media of the immune system. Constant updates keep the entire system in harmony. When you get hurt, the immune system starts buzzing with ideas on how to make the healing process go as smoothly as possible.

Inflammation is an important part of the healing process. But just like an anesthesiologist has little room for error when sedating a patient, unregulated inflammation can also be dangerous.

Too much inflammation happens when communication within the immune system is broken.

Rather than helping, too strong of an inflammatory response can actually hurt healthy tissue.

CBD acts like a rubber band around CB2 receptors. It slows the flow of endocannabinoids into CB2 receptors. This allows the immune system to rebalance itself and once again achieve homeostasis.

How This Is Different From THC

This is the opposite of THC’s approach to the endocannabinoid system. THC makes these receptors work even more efficiently, speeding up the number of endocannabinoids they’re accepting.

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THC goes directly into both kinds of receptors. CBD is more like the backstage tech making adjustments to the equipment while THC is the star antagonist.

LSD works the same way. These chemicals block certain neurotransmitters from being processed at their normal rate. This lets feel-good neurotransmitters build up in the body.

Instead of euphoria, CBD tightens the reuptake of neurotransmitters within the immune system.

CBD manufacturers used to think CB2 receptors could only be found in the immune system. This is where the bulk of them like to live, but CB2 receptors can be found scattered throughout the body, including the brain.

CBD as a Partner to Our Immune System

The media like to paint private label CBD manufacturers as makers of an exotic chemical. But CBD works in tandem with our already powerful immune system.

Most of the interest private label hemp manufacturers have in CBD and the immune system involves their interaction with the soldiers of the immune system, T-cells.

Overactive T-cell production is often the root of autoimmune diseases, like lupus. Under normal circumstances, T-cells are deployed to attack pathogens. They’re cleared out with the cell death process known as apoptosis.

But diseases like Lupas cause these T-cells to stick around longer. Without pathogens to fight off, these T-cells can start to attack healthy tissue.

Researchers are studying the potential effects of CBD to increase the death of excessive T-cells.

Is CBD Worth It?

Is the world of private label CBD products worth investing in during these uncertain times?

If COVID-19 has taught the hemp industry anything, it’s that many consider hemp-based CBD product manufacturers to be essential right now. Especially US-based CBD manufacturers

Over half of customers who are CBD regulars have stocked up more than usual because of quarantine restrictions.

With everyone staying home, many are swapping wild nights downtown for gentle self-care rituals.

Consumer data collectors Brightfield Group found self-care to be the #1 reason customers turn to CBD for.

Accessories for smoking CBD buds and other cannabis are down, while tinctures, lotions, and other topical CBD products are booming.

This makes sense since consumers are looking for ways to ingest cannabinoids without causing damage to their lungs.

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