Is Becoming a “Certified CBD Coach” Worth it?

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Well, it’s finally here. The CBD Certification craze. I can’t say I’m surprised. Any time an industry explodes, thousands of new “how to make money” courses and certifications crop up like mushrooms after a gooey summer rain.

And, in the world of Hemp-Based CBD Products, the latest craze is “CBD Coach Certification.” That’s right ladies and gentlemen. For just a few thousand dollars, you too can become a proud new Certified Expert!

Forgive my sarcasm. Of course, training and education can be valuable. But, if you’re thinking about spending money on ANY kind of Certification, PLEASE read this article first. We’ve been in this business since before it was popular, and I personally hate seeing people get snookered by nonsense promises.

So, how do you know whether having this coaching certification is another gimmick? Let’s start with a history lesson that’s (literally) worth its weight in gold…

The Gold Rush Factor & CBD Certification

In the mid 1800’s (1848–1855 to be exact) hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world flocked to California in search of Gold. Rumor is, some dude had stumbled onto a bunch of gold and made millions. Good for him.

Today, we call this “The Great California Gold Rush.” But the REAL opportunity to make money from the California Gold Rush didn’t come from the gold itself. More people made money selling Gold mining equipment to prospective minors.

Think about that. More money was made by people selling gold-mining tools and “consulting” services” than was made from MINING the gold. Still, hundreds of thousands people moved to California in hopes of striking it rich. Many of them spent life savings moving there and buying mining equipment, only to find so little gold, they couldn’t afford to go back home again.

Thus, the California Gold Rush lured a LOT of people into becoming “permanent tourists,” of California. But this wasn’t the first time a business opportunity became a tourist attraction.  Many modern entrepreneurs are still missing the priceless lesson of the California Gold Rush.

The Trap of “Entrepreneurial Tourism”

Since the California Gold Rush, millions of hopeful entrepreneurs have been roped in by an eerily similar trend. For example, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs search the internet every day in hopes of making money from home.

They spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars buying information and courses about how to make money online.  Ironically, most of that “how to make money online” information simply teaches you how to sell OTHER people the same information about how to make money online.

Sound familiar? It should.


Again, during the Gold Rush, more people got rich selling mining equipment and consulting services to prospective minors than got rich from mining gold. The lesson here is that, anytime you have hot new business trend, like the Hemp-Based CBD industry, there are always three types of people:

  • GROUP #1: People who make money selling a REAL product to real customers.
  • GROUP #2: People who rush to the opportunity in hopes of making money.
  • GROUP #3: People who make money selling “how to” information and tools to Group #2.

There’s one difference between the people in Group #1 and the people in Group #2. The people in Group #1 invest money into their product and their marketing. Meanwhile, Group #2 people burn up a ton of money “educating” themselves, often making more money for the people in Group #3 than they ever make for themselves.

A Scam of Many Faces

In the early 2000s, “Life Coaching” was the big buzzword. Hundreds of thousands of aspiring “Coaches” paid thousands of dollars – sometimes several thousand—on “Life Coaching Certification” and “Advanced Life Coach Training.” Today, most of those “Certified” life coaches are either back at their day jobs, or struggling to maintain a handful of low-paying clients.

Others become “Consultants” to other life Coaches, promoting expensive products on how to “build your life coaching business.” Again, another example of “Group #3” people making money by selling to Group #2 people.

Or, take the “Personal Trainer Certification” trend. That’s been big for a while now. Again, scores of people dump thousands of dollars into becoming “Certified Personal Trainers.” What happens to them?

Many end up working other jobs while struggling to maintain a meager client base. Others develop pricy “How to Build a Successful Personal Training” courses to other Personal Trainers.

Sound familiar?

Another great example is “Digital Marketing Consultant Certification.” Or “SEO Consultant Training Courses.” That’s big right now and has been for a few decades. Once again, Group #2 people sell multi-thousand dollar courses and “Certification” programs to aspiring Digital Marketers and SEO Consultants.

Again, this trend repeats itself with EVERY new industry explodes onto the scene. Now, it’s the Hemp-Based CBD Industry. In a few years, it will be something else. The question is, WHICH group will you end up in? That depends on what you do with the time and money you have now.  

So, Why Get A Certification?

CBD Training “Academies” typically promise to give you a “cutting edge advantage” and to “equip you with tools for building your coaching practice” or your e-commerce business. Others promise to help you find a “high-paying position” at a Hemp-Based CBD company.

They promise to help you “add value to your LinkedIn profile” or to “make your resume more appealing to prospective employers.” All this sounds great. But that’s the point. Group #3 people use these flowery promises to keep you trapped in Group #2, instead of making real money.

But the truth is, all you need to succeed in this business is:

  • A quality, unique Hemp-Based CBD Product.
  • The ability to market that product.

Sound too simple? That’s what Group #3 people WANT you to think. They want you to think you need thousands of dollars in training and education before you can make a penny in this business. You don’t. All you need is a good product, some knowledge of marketing, and the time, money and motivation to market your product.

So, why dump several thousand dollars into becoming “Certified?” If you think it’ll make you “more hirable,” think again. Getting hired at ANY company is all about having good connections and work experience. Not a grocery list of expensive certifications. Anyone who has looked for a job KNOWS what I’m talking about.

Likewise, dumping thousands of dollars into training courses won’t do ANYTHING to put a good, quality product on your shelves (or your website) and get that product in front of people who will BUY it. If you want to make money selling Hemp-Based CBD products, why not invest your money into a good test product, and put the rest into marketing that product?

That said here comes my shameless self-promotion. Feel free to skip if you’re not interested in joining Group #1.

We’ll Get You Halfway There No CBD Certification Needed

Spring Creek Labs doesn’t sell CBD Coach Certification Programs. We’re simply a Hemp manufacturing company that’s been here since long before Hemp-Based CBD became popular. In other words, we didn’t just call up our brother-in-law or drinking buddy about “starting one of those CBD businesses.”

We’ve been here, and we’ll be here long after the “Entrepreneurial Tourists” and Group #3 snake-oil salesman have and returned to their jobs at Home Depot. So, instead of blowingmoney on “Certification,” why not call us for a free quote on your own signature Hemp-Based CBD Product?

We can’t give you the marketing plan or help you find customers. But, we can get a high-quality custom Hemp-Based CBD product (with YOUR brand name on it) in your hands in the next three to four days. That’s the first half of the simple “Group #1 Equation.” 

Sure, you may bomb out in this business and end up with a few hundred bottles of product on your hands. But at least you can use it yourself. Sure beats a worthless, $3000 “Certificate,” that puts more money in someone else’s pocket than it puts into yours.

Don’t mistake me. Training is good. Hiring experts is good. But most people in Group #2 never make it far. They’re too busy getting snookered by the people in Group #3. Don’t be an Entrepreneurial Tourist. You’ll learn quicker from experience than you will taking a course from someone who likely has very little, or non-existent, experience in this industry.

Call us now, or fill out the form on our Custom Quote page.