Month: October 2019

Hemp Manufacturing Process – Your Start to Finish Guide

Welcome to our article on the Hemp Manufacturing Process. This article is brought to you by Spring Creek Labs, a US-Based CBD Manufacturer specializing in private label and custom hemp-based CBD products. Hemp Industries Association is one of the oldest hemp manufacturing groups in the HEMP MANUFACTURING industry. Long before the modern American hemp revolution, the HIA had a humble beginning in Arizona.

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Hemp Farming Technology

Hemp farming technology will never be the same now that AI is on the job. Just picture it. The year is 2050. An industrial hemp farmer is making his budget for the year and needs to know exactly how much he’ll produce, the chance of crop failure, and how long each crop will need to reap the most profit. Artificial Intelligence is already being used by traditional farmers. What they learn will be used to eliminate some of the biggest…

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