The 2018 Farm Bill – Why Some are Still Confused

2018 Farm Bill Hemp Manufacturing
The 2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Industry

If you’re still unclear on how the 2018 Farm Bill impacts the cannabis industry, you’re not alone. 

Over half the country now allows citizens to buy marijuana for medical purposes. Ten states in the United States allow anyone over 21 to walk into a store and pick out the exact strain, flavor, and potency they prefer.

But, the legalization of marijuana has also caused an explosion in the popularity of hemp manufacturing, and Private Label CBD products.

These products are made from a DIFFERENT type of cannabis plant and contain almost no THC. 

Still, many people are misinformed about how the 2018 Farm Bill applies to different products from the cannabis family. If you’re looking to start your own line of hemp, hemp-based CBD or other hemp-based product, you need to know the difference. 

What Is the 2018 Farm Bill?

Since its start in 1933, the Farm Bill defines the subsidies and other resources made available to American farmers.

For the first time “industrial hemp” is legal across all 50 states. But what makes some hemp qualify as industrial?

Out of the thousands of cannabis strains, they all have different levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive drug still listed as a schedule 1 substance under federal law.

Unfortunately, that makes Marijuana based CBD a schedule 1 substance if derived from THC heavy strains. In other words, Marijuana based CBD is still completely different thing than hemp based CBD. 

Before the most recent passing of the farm bill, there was only one source of medical grade cannabis for research: Mississippi.

The Marijuana Program at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy’s National Center for Natural Products Research was the only place researchers are legally able to source their cannabis.

Now, with the upgraded Farm Bill, Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturing and Retail companies may be able to buy from anyone growing THC-free hemp plants in the U.S.

But many strains of cannabis contain almost no THC. The farm bill draws the line at 0.3%. While that may seem restrictive, it’s great news if you’re a Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer. But, some still don’t understand the impact of the 2018 farm bill on Hemp-Based CBD products. 

The 2014 Farm Bill’s Impact on Hemp Manufacturing

The last updates to the Farm Bill in 2014 lightened the restrictions on hemp production. Before 2014, all hemp production had to go through the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), regardless of it’s THC levels.

Access was restricted to researchers and testing the market for demand.

This made producing hemp as cumbersome as producing THC potent marijuana. The 2014 farm bill finally started to distinguish between marijuana and hemp.

But there was a catch. Only growers registered with their state’s hemp pilot program could grow the plant. Supply was short and there is no way it could feed America’s thirst for new CBD products.

There needed to be a way to get CBD without the legal repercussions of growing marijuana. The solution is hemp farming and hemp manufacturing with negligible THC levels.

What Makes a Good Hemp Manufacturer?

Best GMP Certified CBD Manufacturer

In short, your hemp manufacturer or wholesale product supplier needs to have complete control over their supply chain. Few companies in any industry are vertically integrated. This means you have to spend a lot of time filling in the “gaps” of the supply chain. 

What makes for good hemp manufacturing and production practice? There are tons of regulations and laws to follow. One bad batch of product that contains more than the legal 0.3% level of THC could wipe out your business like a tidal wave taking out a beach town.

The Risk of Using Ametuer Hemp Manufacturers

With the growth of the Hemp Manfuacturing and Private Label CBD Manufacturing industry, we’re seeing more traditional nutriceutical manufacturers jumping on the hemp bandwagon.

But even if a company has decades of experience creating top-notch pills and capsules, lotions, tinctures, and infused foods are a whole different monster.

It requires different equipment and automation procedures. The last thing you want is to invest your startup capital in a batch of low-quality product with high return rates.

But if you work with a reputable hemp manufacturer, your customers will think you have thousands invested in research and production facilities. You can take advantage of all your manufacturer’s experience and resources for a fraction of the price you’d spend developing them yourself

Why Private Label Hemp Based CBD is Smart

Testing your own Private Label Hemp-Based CBD product line isn’t hard. All you have to do is send an email and you could have high-quality legal Hemp-Based CBD products that are ready to be marketed and sold all over the country. Spring Creek Labs is a US Based, Hemp Manufacturing Operation that will help you make this happen. 

Building a hemp supply chain can take years. And you’ll be competing against industry titans that have been building their business relationships for decades. Even if you routinely test your product, what are you going to do when a test comes back positive for illegal THC levels. You could lose time, money, and customers just trying to break even.

So, if you want to be able to compete with other Hemp-Based CBD Product retailers, don’t spin your wheels trying to set up relationships with farmers, labs, and distribution centers. Hire one company that can do it all for you.

What About Custom Hemp-Based CBD Formulas?

While you can build a successful brand with premade or wholesale Hemp-Based CBD products, nothing will set you above the competition like your own custom Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Products. This is the perfect option for entrepreneurs that want a hand in the product manufacturing process.  

You’ve probably been searching for a product that has yet to be marketed the way you envision it. Working with a contract hemp manufacturer, you can develop your own custom formula without the headache of building and testing it yourself. It’s hard to overstate how valuable this can be for a starup, or even a large business. 

Start With the Right Partnership

Private Label CBD Business

You’re a serious entrepreneur. You don’t want to pour a ton of money into a Private Label Hemp-Based CBD product until you’ve tested it in the marketplace. With an experienced CBD manufacturer, you can test your own signature brand in the marketplace, without breaking the bank on your first pilot order. 

Hemp manufacturing is serious stuff. One bad judgment call and you could be breaking the Farm Bill 2018 hemp restrictions. You can protect yourself and your customers by bringing on a respected industry leader. The 2018 farm bill won’t be the last regulation on the hemp based product industry.

Why put your customers’ health at risk trying to create your own hemp manufacturing and supply chain? Spring Creek Labs has spent decades perfecting methods to ensure YOUR products adhere to the strictest regulations. If you’re ready to test your own Custom or Private Label Hemp-Based CBD product line, let’s talk today. 

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