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US Based and THC Free – Private Label and Custom Hemp Products – Lower Priced Than 99% of Our Competitors

Contract Hemp Manufacturing

Hemp-Based CBD Products

Want your own signature Hemp-Based CBD product from a US Based CBD manufacturer? Want to start small, instead of breaking the bank to test your idea? Now you can! We’ll put decades of hemp manufacturing, fulfillment expertise behind your idea.

Private Label CBD Products

100% THC FREE Products

Imagine starting your own Hemp-Based CBD product line with years of proven Hemp manufacturing expertise behind you! Need to start small? No problem. You can start from a stock item for 250-500 bottles. Get your custom quote today!

Farm to Shelf Fulfillment

Per Our Farming Partners

Great hemp manufacturing starts with our Hemp Farming partners. It’s 100% US-grown hemp is cultivated in the nutrient-rich Colorado soil. Our products are tested to ensure THC levels are 0.00% or below .3%, and we use the purest crop possible!

Meet Your US-Based CBD Manufacturer

Ready to start your own CBD product line? Why not do it with a rock-solid Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer in your corner? Our seamless, farm-to-shelf Hemp-Based Private Label CBD product fulfillment has put world-class health products in brands all over the country for 10 years. Our customers love us because we’re hard-working, easy to work with, and 100% devoted to our craft.

Need to start small? No problem. We understand how important it is to test your wholesale CBD product before ordering big shipments. With our stock products we can get you started for 250-500 bottles, and scale up as your business grows. Here are a few reasons you’ll be glad you partnered with us…

Custom Vertical Hemp Manufacturing

Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturing is big business these days. Loads of new, inexperienced hemp manufacturers are flooding the market. Meanwhile, we’ve been a contract Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer since long before it was cool. We’ve built rock-solid systems and relationships for controlling every step of the supply chain. From our hemp farming partners to extraction, purification, to manufacturing, on-site laboratory testing, and bulk wholesale CBD distribution, we’ve got you covered.

You want to put a rock-solid product on your shelves. But, did you know that some Hemp-Based CBD Manufacturers don’t even have to tell you everything that’s in their product? That’s right, some Hemp crops just aren’t grown in good soil. What’s in the soil, ends up in the plant, and what’s in the plant, most likely, ends up in your products.

Why work with a CBD manufacturer who isn’t even required to disclose the potentially dangerous chemicals and impurities in their product?

Your customers deserve better, and so do you. That’s why Spring Creek Labs only works with Hemp Farming partners we’ve known and trusted for years. That’s why we submit to rigourous testing standards by the FDA. We want to get the purest, safest and most effective hemp-based CBD product line possible on your shelves. That way, we’ll form a partnership that will serve you well for years. 

US-Based Hemp Manufacturing

Why work with a US Based CBD Manufacturer? Because the regulating bodies are coming down hard on the Hemp Manufacturing industry. Some hemp manufacturers simply aren’t playing by the rules, and it’s only a matter of time before they pay the price. Why partner with someone who is cutting corners and might be out of business next year?

Spring Creek Labs was into hemp manufacturing before hemp-based CBD products were cool. That means we’ve had time to build dependable relationships with legitimate manfacturing partners. Hemp-Based CBD product manufacturing is an obscenely complex process. Thankfully, we’ve been here long enough to develop the best quality assurance process in the business.

We use rigorous testing and quality guidelines recommended by the same agencies who control authorization and licensing for all GMP Facilities.

Best of all, we’ve found the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. This means you get the very best Hemp-Derived Private Label Hemp-Based CBD products, from Hemp-Based CBD oils, to Hemp-Based CBD Capsules, Hemp-Based CBD Softgels, Hemp-Based CBD Liquids, Hemp-Based CBD Powders, Hemp-Based CBD Creams, and Hemp-Based CBD Gummies on your shelves, at a price that makes sense from a GMP Level Hemp Manufacturer.

Get Your Custom CBD Products

Spring Creek Labs probably has a lot in common with your business. We’re entrepreneurs who started from nothing. We understand the risks in launching a new idea. It costs money to test a new product. But why dump several thousand dollars into a new Private Label Hemp-Based CBD product line, just to test it out? The good news is, now you don’t have to.

Spring Creek Labs is a Contract Hemp Manufacturer with the flexibility to accomodate small pilot orders.  But we can also fullfill your orders with the fully scalable power of a large hemp manufacturer. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to start small now, while planning big for the future, we should talk. 

Ready to put an expert Hemp-Based CBD manufacturer to work for you? Getting started is easy. Just click the button below to send us your free custom quote request right now. We usually respond within 24 hours. Remember, with stock products you can start from 250-500 bottles. You can get your quote today. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

CBD Capsule Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Private Label CBD Capsules are a GREAT way to get your own brand into the multi-billion dollar retail or wholesale CBD industry. We’re better priced that 99% of the competitors. Contact us right now and get your custom quote for Private Label Hemp-Based CBD Capsules, or Tablets today.

CBD Softgel Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Private Label CBD Softgels are a popular staple of the exploding Hemp-Based CBD product industry. See why our prices are better than 99% of our competition. Spring Creek Labs will pour decades of nutraceutical formulation expertise into your CBD Softgels. Get your custom quote today.

CBD Liquids Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Hemp-Based CBD liquids are among the most flexible products in the fast-growing hemp product industry. Want to put private label Hemp-Based CBD liquid products on your shelves? We’ve got private label AND custom CBD tinctures custom made for you. Get your free custom quote right now.

CBD Cream Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Hemp-Based CBD creams and lotions are exploding into the $56.2 Billion beauty industry. We can create any color, fragrance or texture of private label Hemp-Based CBD cream or lotion you want! Fill in our custom quote form for price and delivery details.

CBD Powder Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Private Label CBD powders and other food and drink products are now among America’s HOTTEST dining trends! We can replicate any Hemp-Based CBD powder or flavor you want. Fill in our custom quote form and let’s get your private label product started.

CBD Gummies Manufacturer

Hemp-Based and THC Free

Want a super hot-selling product, with YOUR brand name on it? CBD gummies are the 3rd most popular food in Google searches! So, let’s put a signature line of fun CBD gummies on your shelves. Fill in the custom quote form and see how easy it is to get started.

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